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Charitable Giving Workshop

Finances for One: A Financial Guide for Widows

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Making decisions about where to direct your charitable gifts may be an activity that you are well practiced at or it may still be very new to you. Whatever your level of experience is, getting clear about your goals and intentions will help you on your philanthropic journey. Our online Charitable Giving Workshop is a great place to start!

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to develop your Personal Philanthropic Plan
  • Methods for choosing which causes/charities to support
  • Ways you can give that will benefit the charity and may be more beneficial than just writing a check
  • Additional resources and worksheets that can be helpful in creating your plan

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After the loss of a spouse, many areas of life seem foreign and confusing. Unfortunately, finances seem to be at the top of that list. Our "Finances for One" guide may help diminish your money fears and give you the confidence you need to protect your financial future.

In This Guide, You'll Find:

  • A checklist of things that may need to be done and by when
  • General funeral costs
  • An explanation of what may happen to money when someone dies
  • Instruction on knowing your money position
  • And more financial planning advice