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What is Values-Aligned Investing?

Watch our online recording on sustainable, responsible investing

Today, there are many investment strategies and tactics to align your values with your money, but it doesn't have to be complex. Kay Kramer and Steve Dixon from Birchwood Financial Partners walk you through a presentation and discussion on Sustainable Investing and how to incorporate these ideas into your own investment strategy. 

In this 30-minute online webinar, we hope that attendees complete the webinar with a better understanding of SRI investing and how it can be integrated into their investment portfolio.

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Getting Organized Guide

Whether you’re recently married, ready for retirement, or anywhere in between, your personal finances probably need some organizing. It might be time for a little spring cleaning or you might be in need of a full-scale Marie Kondo-like financial session. But that depends on how active you’ve been in the last year – either as an investor or an organizer - which we'll explain more in the guide.

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