Values-Aligned Investing

SRI...ESG.... What's It All Mean?

Check out our webinar recording where we're fact-checking sustainable investing strategies. 

Today, there are many investment strategies and tactics to align your values with your money, but it doesn't have to be complex. Kay Kramer and Steve Dixon from Birchwood Financial Partners walk you through a presentation and discussion on Sustainable Investing and how to incorporate these ideas into your own investment strategy. 

In this 30-minute online webinar, we hope that attendees complete the webinar with a better understanding of SRI investing and how it can be integrated into their investment portfolio.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • The difference between SRI, ESG, SDG and more
  • Information about sustainability as an investment method
  • How to work sustainable investments in to your portfolio

Webinar Presenters


Kay Kramer

Kay Kramer, co-founded Birchwood in 1990 to create a firm dedicated to lasting, productive relationships with clients. Kay and the Birchwood team use their extensive knowledge and team collaboration to help clients achieve their goals. Kay is passionate about sustainable, responsible, impact investing and philanthropy.


Steve Dixon

Working with individuals to manage their portfolios, Steve Dixon takes a long-term, disciplined approach with a bias toward protecting against downside risks. He focuses on diversification and making sure Birchwood clients are in a position of not having to react to what’s going on in the markets. Whether the markets are going up or down, Steve strives to establish portfolios that help create a stable path.


Both Kay and Steve have extensive experience in this area, and Birchwood is a leading financial advisory firm in the Twin Cities with expertise in Sustainable Responsible Impact investing.